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What a crazy couple of months it has been!

I am so excited to be launching my website for the Aussie Nurse Educator!

After commencing earlier this year, I have been planning the development of a website to complement and showcase the Aussie Nurse Educator, myself and the services I offer.


Please have a look around!

My shop is COMING SOON!

The website has been a massive project and process for me as I have been developing the site myself. Right from idea, planning, development and execution, I am doing the lot. Well, with the help of my lovely wife! This coupled with running the other aspects of the Aussie Nurse Educator and still working clinically has proved challenging. Thank you to my wife again!

I am so excited for what is to come for the Aussie Nurse Educator. I am so glad I decided to go online. As mentioned in my previous post, getting to know and engage with my following has been great. I have also been offered many other opportunities which I am currently working on…

More to come!



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