Medication Calculation Cheat Sheet

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Do you want to be able to work out your patient’s medication dosage and calculation easily, quickly and confidently?

This medication calculation cheat sheet is just what you need.

It is a convenient, user-friendly product that allows you to print or use this resource via digital means such as an iPad with ease.



Having this medication calculation cheat sheet handy can save you valuable time when it comes to making calculations as well as establishing confidence in your ability to do this.

It combines terms, abbreviations, concepts, formulas and hints all in one place so that you don’t have to keep flipping through pages of multiple books for this information.

With this sheet, you can quickly identify what is needed for each calculation and go from there with practice techniques to make sure you get it right!

What you will download:

  • 4 Page Cheat Sheet in a .zip file.
  • Download the package on your computer or device so that you can unzip files.
  • Once the PDF files are extracted you will see you have 2 x copies – one colour, the other black and white.
  • Decide whether you want to print it out or use it digitally.
  • Let me know your thoughts – leave feedback about the cheat sheet.

Please respect I have taken the time to create, develop, refine and provide these for us to utilise.

Please do not re-distribute these items without permission, this is an offence, known as fraud.

I do charge for the downloads and resources to be able to run this platform for us and to continue to build resources.

I hope you enjoy this resource!

Please let me know what you think by leaving some feedback or getting in touch.



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