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Welcome to the Aussie Nurse Educator Blog!

I am stoked to have you stop by here for a read.

Let me explain where the Aussie Nurse Educator originated…..

During the 2020 down time I sparked the idea of the Aussie Nurse Educator while enjoying time away from work on holidays with my wife.

The events during 2020 lead me to plan my idea and place it in a safe spot for a later time.

That time, was during our next holiday, early 2021. During the holiday I decided it was time to start, so I pulled out the plan and started to work. I spent a couple of weeks refining the idea and planning my progression moving forward and on the 26th January 2021 I started the Aussie Nurse Educator on instagram.

I have had a great time commencing the instagram and engaging with my following. I have had some lovely messages and support from some lovely people! Thank you to you all!

I decided, early I really wanted a website. Somewhere I could show more about the Aussie Nurse Educator, myself and services I offer. I have always wanted to have a blog and here we are.




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