Medication Profile Study Tool

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Medication Profile Study Tool

This was the best tool for learning applied clinical pharmacology.

When you move from science or the basics to the real clinical world, the change can be a shock!

This Study Tool takes a snapshot of a medication you want to learn about and positions it right in front of you…


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Learn your medications with this study tool!

The medication profile study tool is the perfect resource to help you learn your medications and pharmacology easier!

This resource includes a 1-page medication profile template for you to print or complete digitally. You can print out the template and handwrite your notes or use an iPad or computer to digitally write your notes.

The resource includes a colour and black and white copy of the template (for easy printing), along with a terminology/glossary page! I have also included a handwritten real example to show you how the template can be used, using the medication 'midazolam'.

This medication profile study tool helped me as a nursing student at university, as a graduate and in my junior years as an RN. I share it with the students I work with and mentor, and they absolutely love it!

Get yours today and learn your medications!

2 reviews for Medication Profile Study Tool

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  2. Danielle S. (Downloaded Resource!)

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    Great for learning new meds

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      Thank you 🙏 Danielle!
      I think so too 😏

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