Lungs Illustration Study Tool Kit


The Lungs Illustration

This was the second illustration I posted on Instagram and it was popular!

The lungs have a lot going on as well…

Having two lungs includes two slightly different anatomy setups 🤔 …

The things you learn studying anatomy!

What better way is there to study and learn than with an illustrated and labelled diagram?

Here is a copy of the illustration I did… PLUS!

A Study Tool Kit for you to learn the anatomy of the lungs!

Label one for yourself….

Store it on your iPad or print it out and hang it up to study!

More details are found in the long description 👇🏼

This illustration study kit will help you learn the anatomy of the brain.

I love studying everything visually and with anatomy, what better way is there than getting all of the colours out and labelling a nice illustration to hang up and look at?

I love studying visually!

The illustrations I have continued to draw and upload, I have re-created the current ones into a study tool kit for you to study the organ yourself!

Here is the study tool kit for the lungs

It comes in a .zip folder with compressed files.

You will more than likely require a computer to extract these files.

Once you have extracted or unzipped the files, you will see the full package inside.

Each package includes the following in PDF format:

  • Completely labelled copy in colour
  • A colour copy ready to label (label lines and boxes inserted)
  • A black and white copy ready to label (label lines inserted)
  • A colour copy is ready for you (complete naked version of the organ)
  • A black and white copy is ready for you (complete naked version of the organ)

This is the individual illustration.

There is also a 3 pack and 4 pack available.

Please respect the fact I have taken the time to create, develop, refine and provide these for us to utilise. Please be mindful and do not re-distribute these items without permission.

I do charge for the downloads and resources here to be able to run this platform for us and to continue to build what we have in the future.

Thank you, enjoy the resources and please let me know what you think by leaving some feedback or getting in touch.


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