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👨‍⚕️ New Grad Time for Rory

When it came time to apply for my new graduate year, I wanted something different from the standard programme and role. Everyone was focused on a new graduate program at a public hospital, which was typically a 3-4 rotation program of 12-week rotations from February to Christmas. You were not guaranteed work at the end of the programme, and you would be left hanging over the holiday period with no security for you at the end of the slog. This would also imply applying for a second-year program while the first one is still being completed. It didn’t sound like much fun already. There must be something else, something for me!

📚 Story Time – Fill in the gaps…

I was completely naive about nursing before I started. This is another story for the blog, but until my clinical placements, I had never been in a hospital or seen what nurses did. Prior to starting nursing school, I worked as a professional beach lifeguard. I had a fantastic, well-paying, and enjoyable job. But I wanted more, more in my professional role. I loved the clinical world of medicine, and I decided to pursue a career as a paramedic or doctor. After much deliberation and advice from the paramedics and doctors I had trained with in Aquatic Rescue, I decided to pursue my nursing training first. Fast forwards much further in the story, and there I was, nearing the end of my third year, with an awesome job at the beach and in a difficult situation.

🌊 Beach and Hospital

In addition to working at the beach, I was an undergraduate AIN at my local public hospital. It was interesting to see the hospital environment in a different light than clinical placements and to work in different areas and teams. I was fortunate to work in my local emergency department, where I fit in well due to my enthusiasm and pre-hospital rescue experience. When I first started nursing, I had no idea what I wanted to do!

🎯 Maximise The Chances

It was difficult to decide what I wanted to do for my graduate year, but when it came down to it, I decided that I would apply for every position in my local area and give them all my best shot! I wanted to put myself to the test and see what I was capable of. Plus, I didn’t want to limit myself by not submitting an application, which is so easy to do! I also promised myself that I would not enrol in a new graduate programme in a ward. It wasn’t for me, and I wasn’t willing to leave my fantastic job at the beach for something less (for me and what I was interested in and what I needed at the time).

👀 Look outside the box

When I looked beyond the standard that everyone talked about and that my university and placements had led me to, I discovered some amazing programmes and flexible employment opportunities in a variety of different areas, roles, and companies. Ramsay Healthcare was one of them in my neighbourhood, less than five minutes from my house. The Ramsay Hospital was a large private hospital near where I lived (and attended school). This one, like hospitals, expanded and expanded again. It received a large number of new graduate nurses, approximately eight to ten. There were four positions in the theatre and six on the ward. As I recall, you had to apply to the programme as a whole and then indicate what you wanted to do for your graduate year.

🤩 Something for me, something new and exciting!

I decided that I wanted to start a new graduate programme in theatre. I had only been to a theatre once before, and ever since then, I have wanted to start my career in theatre and experience the wonders of anaesthesia and the intensive care unit! I applied for the programme; it was my first application, and I was very excited about it! I then applied to every theatre programme in the area and beyond!

🤪 Some are better than others and others are better for you!

In preparation for my applications, I thoroughly researched the various programmes and what the various employers had to offer, and it was clear from the start that one was distinct from the others. Ramsay was the one. Ramsay provided a programme similar to what you would find in a public programme. Study days which included trips to Sydney (from Newcastle), conferences, free further study, a learning library, and access to professional journals were all available. But these two blew my mind! Because Ramsay’s network is not limited to a single state, you could transfer and gain experience all over Australia. The other is the chance to travel and work with Ramsay during my graduate studies! I was already sold!

😊 The Difference I felt!

I walked into the local Ramsay hospital, having completed none of my private placements, and was greeted by people who were smiling, happy, and friendly. I was treated with dignity, and it was a pleasant experience for my first time there in private, let alone for a recruitment process and interview. I sat for the interview in a small office with the three people who were interviewing me for the position. When we sat down, they asked general, friendly questions that relaxed me. They asked why I had applied in general, and before I knew it, we were halfway through the interview. It was completely different from the public hospital’s recruitment procedures. I was asked about myself, my skills, what I could bring to the table, and my future plans.

➡️ Aiming for Theatre

Two weeks later, this was the first position I went for, and through the preparations for applying for them all, I realised this was the one I wanted! I waited desperately on the phone, and it rang! I couldn’t believe it! I was over the moon!

✅ Going to Theatre!

My future NUM said to me, ‘Rory you interviewed very well. Well done. We would like to offer you a position with us. You were our preferred applicant overall and you can choose your program. Would you like theatre or wards? Scrub, Scout or Anaesthetics and PACU?’

🚀 Beyond

I spent 2.5 years having a lot of fun in Anaesthesia. This hospital had ICU and cardio-thoracic services and I was working closely with the cardiac ICU team in Anaesthesia. In the same year, this hospital opened the state’s first emergency department that was completely private. This was another great learning curve and opportunity to be involved with.

I think you know enough about me to figure the rest out! 😜

After many years with other private health services and NSW Health, I have returned to work with Ramsay this year, as a Clinical Nurse Educator.

🚨 Graduate Fellowship Program with Ramsay 💥

I chose Ramsay Healthcare because I could go straight to the operating theatre in a major private hospital. This suited me and my interests as well as my goals for the first couple of years of my career. The hidden benefits I had was Monday to Friday work, no on-call and no weekend work. I had 6-month rotations to really learn the clinical area and decide if it was for me.

There are many opportunities to work with Ramsay!

So if you haven’t already considered or applied for a position at Ramsay…

Apply for next year today!

Check out this blog to read about the 2023 program👇🏼

2023 Ramsay Fellowship Grad Program



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