SafeStyle Safety Glasses – Your next Eyewear PPE!

Hey Friends,

You may have noticed I am now a SafeStyle Eyewear Ambassador. I have been wearing safety glasses since day one of nursing school and as a new graduate. I began to notice I would suffer headaches on afternoon and late night shifts, where I was wearing cheap protective eyewear, in the bright LED hospital lighting. This was something that affected my performance, the progression of my shift and the safety of myself and my patients.

I am incredibly passionate about nurses remaining safe while at work and assisting others in such a risky environment. Exposure to the eye is one of those risks associated with being a nurse, especially in anaesthetia. After suffering headaches for a consistent period, I began to try different types, styles and brands of glasses to see if that made a difference. Something I noticed after trying a descent amount of protective eyewear, was that my headaches were exacerbated by a curved lens and some ‘protective’ eyewear were ineffective and did not cover my eyes properly.

After putting up with this issue for a number of years, I stumbled upon SafeStyle on social media and noticed they were approved safety glasses made by a tradesman for tradesman. With most of my family and friends being in the trades, I knew of a few people with these glasses and they all spoke very highly about the product. I then noticed a nurse wearing the glasses on their instagram page…

I love the style and overall look of the glasses and the fact that the lens is a straight or square style lens, opposed to the curved types, that I believed contributed to the headaches I suffered. I ended up ordering myself a pair of the clear ‘fusion’ style safety glasses, with the clear safety lens for use inside, out of the sun light. The glasses were fairly priced and they arrived very quickly after purchase. They are a great quality safety eyewear, which can be effectively wiped over and kept clean during clinical practice. They also look great and fashionable, not like your typical safety eyewear! After wearing these glasses for the first time, I fell in LOVE. No headaches, they were comfortable and I can wear them for most of the shift! I also noticed they offer prescription options and if I ever required glasses in the clinical environment, these would be my choice!

I have been using and relying on my SafeStyle safety glasses now for six months and still absolutely love them. After chatting with SafeStyle about their awesome product and how much I loved them, they asked me to collaborate with them. I am now assisting other nurses to access these great safety glasses at a reduced rate with my referral link (CLICK HERE) or by using my discount code (ANE10). If you use these links or codes, you will not only enjoy a discount for your purchase, but will also support me and the content I create on this platform.

Check out their full range of safety glasses HERE.

Please Note:

P.S. – I used ( & LOVED) this product and generated the idea and planned this blog post prior to becoming an ambassador.

I am now an ambassador for their brand and product and this blog will be utilised in collaboration and partnership with Safestyle Eyewear and the Aussie Nurse Educator to promote these amazing protective eyewear.